Do Your Thoughts Energize You?

How are you doing today? It is the weekend and you must have plans to do something different than the workweek maybe even something you enjoy. Last night we cashed in on a Christmas gift and both got a massage. When was the last time you had a massage? I use to have them more often but I got so caught up in doing I forgot to have my body taken care of in this way. We signed up to have a massage a month just to keep this good thing happening.

I always read this time of year and I have been very inspired by my readings. This book I am reading is from the Abraham/Hicks series on Money and Attraction and I find myself really fired up about 2009 and what I want to make happen. So many thoughts and ideas are flowing through my consciousness and I feel very alive and in touch with the clear more expansive Higher Self.

I want to share some of my excitement with you today. I now further understand there is nothing stopping you and I from having what we want except you and I. The time is today to stop limiting yourself. Take your thoughts and feeling away from what you don’t have and place them on what you want. Feel the joy and relief from having what you want. Feel the flow of focusing on what you want and the energy of living in this higher vibration. Raising your vibrations to reflect what you want is the key to manifesting the life you desire.

My insight around these ideas is that if you and I let the ego run the show we will only create from a level of satisfying ego’s needs. This is not the higher path.

The path of higher consciousness is the one guides you toward the realization of your heart and soul’s desires. There is a big difference here. Your full expression from you innermost being is to live a life filled with prosperity, joy, love, freedom and purpose. Your ego cannot deliver this quality of life nor can someone else give this to you. This fullest of self-expression comes from the inside out. This inner knowing, guidance and energy is flowing effortlessly down the stream of aliveness and well being. Give up the struggle today and focus instead on flowing towards what you want. Effort is on needed in the directing of your thoughts.

So to wrap this up: focus on what you want and imagine it being the life you have now. No more thinking about what isn’t happening because that just makes disappointment continue. Throughout the day be focused on what you want and how it will feel. Feel it, vibrate it, think it and watch it arrive in your life

These are not new ideas but in each of you these ideas can be practiced and refined so that you create the life you want.

I will write more about this tomorrow. These ideas energize me so I know they are right.