Be Part Of A New Story For Our Nation

Hi my fellow citizens, I want to invite you to join me in helping our country head in a more positive direction. Let’s write a new story of our nation. Today you and I and everyone who wants to join us can start our country in a new direction by rewriting our story from where it is now to how it can be in the future.

Here are the positive aspects that we could all share in:

• We now have new leadership in soon to be President Obama and his thoughtful and skilled team, let’s help them move our country forward by being positive and supportive
• The financial situation now begins to respond to our efforts and things began to flow in a positive direction
• Our economy fully embraces the green movement and the benefits start have a positive effect immediately
• Commerce within the bounds of health regulation starts to thrive again
• Health care is now provided to every American and this shifts our nation to greater health
• Prosperity now becomes available to every citizen and this brings about a financial harmony the benefits everyone
• Our improvement of the infrastructure of the nation creates jobs that make a difference to many and to our country as a whole
• People feel empowered again to participate in governing and this changes the balance of influence for the good of all
• Election reform has eliminated the power of money over manipulating our elected officials
• Open mindedness and thoughtful involvement has reduced the fringe elements who previously had too much influence
• The housing market begins to grow again once the over inflated prices comes back into balance and the mortgages have fair rates
• Investments become available to all citizens and once again they thrive in relationship to what is good for the people and the environment
• The rule of law again guides us because the administration respects what is right and ethical
• Power now resides in the collective wisdom of our nation and it’s compassionate and thoughtful citizens
• The rehabilitation of our troubled citizens has reduced imprisonment and made our nation safer within.
• The active participation of our nation as fellow global partners has brought a greater collective way of creating solutions to planetary problems
• The past threat of terrorism has been replaced by a world effort to bring peace and understanding to all
• The return to real news including all the good things happening has reduced the fear for many.
• The ending of all wars has become possible because people begin to truly value all human life
• The creative influences of music, writing, art, dance and theatre once again thrive and inspire the masses
• Education reform has once again awakened the human potential in all students challenging and encouraging the best in them
• Mental and emotional health has become a priority and those in pain have found comfort and renewal
• The return of the power of the heart in our citizens has brought kindness and compassion to all that we do

What would you add to this list? How will you get involved and be part of the new story? What part of your individual story will inspire the nation? Are you ready to be a positive influence in a new direction for our nation? January 20th is the inauguration but you don’t have to wait until then, why not start writing your story today?