Positive Feeling Thoughts Are Very Powerful

“Positive feeling thoughts are very powerful in setting up vibrations to attract what you want in life.” “Focusing thoughts and feelings on what you do want will make it possible for you to have it”. Both of these statements are obvious and clearly indicate that you are the creator of your own life experiences. Yet your thoughts too often wander away from the positive and spin off on a downward slope of fear, doubt and not deserving. How come that happens?

You and I are conditioned to think the way we do from the earliest years of our life right on through until now. Schools teach you that you can fail; families teach you their incorrect beliefs, doubts and fears; churches teach you how wrong you are and society gives you many confusing ideas and beliefs. So it is so easy to think negative thoughts about yourself and the world. None of those thoughts are true. They are just thoughts.

Thoughts are not real but they do have a real affect on our lives. The thoughts that you have are nothing more than a collection of words which you give meaning to. If the meaning, you give this collection of words, is negative then you collect negative results. If on the other hand the meaning you give the words is positive then you create positive results.

The slippery slope of negativity is a powerful attractor of lousy results. If you focus on what is not ok, the lack of what you want, you will find much to be dissatisfied about life. Don’t be an expert at creating a lousy life; change your thinking.

Today as an experiment, focus totally on what you want as if you are already living it. No false pretending here, instead have positive feeling thoughts about your life, as you want it. Focus on how it will be to live this life you desire. Every time your mind wanders from the positive bring it back and direct it toward this ideal live that you want. Feel it, think it, live it.

As you go to bed think and feel restful sleep. Then tomorrow when you wake up start anew and begin to positively think and feel the life you want. Do so for the entire day and see how you feel and what kind of results you manifest. The more your practice with clarity and positive thoughts and feelings the better and more powerful the results.

Let me know how it goes. This experiment may take a few days or a few weeks but before long you will find yourself living the life of your positive thoughts and feelings. Try this positive and thoughtful approach and you will love the results.