Say Goodbye To 2008

The wind has now been really blowing for over 12 hours causing the house to shake through the night. The air is very clean from this windstorm as if to blow all the mess out of air of 2008 so that we can start fresh in 2009. Can you feel this year coming quickly to an end? Are you happy or sad to see it go? What are you glad to leave behind? The past is over and the New Year is almost here. What are you looking forward to experiencing in 2009? Are you optimistic, fearful, excited, worried and/or hopeful about the next year?

Maybe we should start by saying goodbye to the past 364 days with only one more day left. Goodbye to all that didn't work out as well as we had hoped. So long to all the good things that happened and all we feel grateful for this past year. It is a time to release, let go, forgive, and whatever else we need to do so we can go into this next year without anything holding us back. Time to finish the unfinished business so that we can start anew in 2009.

This past year has been historic because of the problems and the election of a new leadership. The way we look at what is ahead will shape our experience of it. If we think we are heading into more of a mess that is what we will see and experience. If we think positive about the new leadership and the changes that are bound to happen then we will experience those results.

What kind of future do you want? Do you want a year you feel good about and look forward to or do you want one that you live in fear and worry about in 2009? The choice is yours. You can focus on what you want and how well things are working out or you can focus on what is going wrong and how awful things are. Seems the choice is clear unless you like feeling lousy.

5 Suggestions
1. Don’t watch so much news, it just pollutes your outlook on life
2. Stop seeing what is wrong and instead look for what is right
3. Turn off talk radio and listen to music you like, it will make you feel better
4. Be realistic and optimistic about the results you want especially from our government
5. Stop blaming and instead look at what you can do to make a difference

Put your mind on positive cruise control and enjoy the ride we are about to go on.