The New Year Is Waiting For Your Fullest Expression

Happy New Year to you! I am really excited about 2009 and the many positive possibilities in each and every one of us. Yes in you and I and everyone we know are endless and wonderful possibilities. Here is what I think is possible in you for 2009:

• You can create a wonderful loving relationship with all the people that matter to you
• You can have great prosperity by listening inward to your higher nature
• You can become more fit, strong and flexible
• You can step into the stream of well-being and be healthier than ever
• You can be more successful in what matters most to you
• You can open your heart to the world
• You can open your mind to new and wonderful ideas
• You can have more fun and happiness in your life
• You can make you life a creative expression of your unique genius
• You can have all the freedom you need to live the life you desire
• You can be a magnet to all the good things you want
• You can explore your purpose and make a difference in the world
• You can become a more conscious and aware person
• You can live a deeply spiritual life
• You can encourage the best in yourself and all those around you
• You can help change the world for the better by just being yourself as fully as you can be
• You can play your unique and wonderful notes in the musical of life
• You can be an inspiration to all who know you
• You can experience your oneness with all living things
• You can step into the ocean of consciousness
• You can awaken from your dream and live the most amazing life
• You can walk on the beach, in the mountains and/or through nature and open to the flow of all life
• You can discover the pure joy of each moment
• You can find peace of mind inside your own silence

There is no limit to what you can explore and become in the New Year. Live as if there are no limits to what is possible.