Power Start Your 2009

For the past 30 years I have studied the very best ideas and strategies for creating success in you life. You can have an amazing life and it doesn’t have to be full of struggle. The more you allow yourself to be in the rich abundant flow of the universe, the easier the journey. There are ways to place yourself in that flow. You can get 2009 off to a great start if you experiment with and utilize the following points:

1. Get clear what you want financially, for your health, in your relationships, and for your peace of mind
2. Feel the passion of your desires and use your mind and emotions to create an irresistible force of attraction
3. Be aligned with the highest and most conscious part of you beyond your ego and unlimited in its potential
4. Make it your intention to realize what you want while living a life you would truly enjoy
5. Set your goal to be fully free of your own limits and to experience the great joy of real freedom
6. Daily improve yourself and course correct your life so you are always heading to where you want to be
7. Live fully today and in the grace of each moment. That is where all the real action is.
8. Wake up each morning and fire yourself up with enough inspiration that you will succeed not matter what obstacles may arise. At night let go fully, sleep, release and re-energize for the next day
9. Make your life a purposeful expression of the very best in you and change the world for the better along the way

Review the previous blog post about your fullest expression. Set your sights high and be clear and positive that you will succeed in wonderful ways.

If you want assistance in making 2009 a great success, no matter the circumstance of the economy, drop me an email at josephteach@hotmail.com and I will be glad to be of assistance.