Is There A Real Law Of Attraction?

Is there really a Law of Attraction in the Universe? The movie the Secret and the writings of Abraham-Hicks have brought this idea of a law into our awareness over the last few years. We know gravity is a law because we have tried and proved it. Is the Law of Attraction something we can try and prove or disprove? Of course it is.

The challenge of this law however is that it is complicated because it means consciously directing our thoughts and emotions toward a level of vibration that will attract what we want. I don’t know about your experience of directing your thoughts, but my experiences tell me that this can be a challenge.

Let’s do an experiment for the next 30 days and see how this Law of Attraction (LOA) can work for us. Choose something that you want to attract into your life. It could be: more money, a loving relationship, your ideal body weight, a job you like, peace of mind, or whatever would make you feel good. Here are the guidelines for the experiment:
• You have to use your mind to imagine and feel what it would be like to have what you want in your life now. It needs to feel real to you.
• You must avoid thoughts and feeling that would indicate that you lack what you want. Lack only attracts more lack.
• You can think that you are beginning to feel what it feels like to live your life with what you want in it. It can feel uplifting to have what you want.
• You can enjoy life and feel the relief of moving towards what you want. If you can imagine it you can make it happen.
• You need to take time each day to visualize what you want and visualize or sense the vibrations necessary to attract this desire. When you wake up, before you go to sleep, and throughout the day are good times to visualize/sense.
• You must do your best not to make this an effort. This is not about doing something effortful but rather effortlessly.
• You need to have an open heart in this experiment. An open heart is part of the vibration of attraction.
• You also must engage your spirit, your higher power, your connection to the source of the universe. This spirit in you is more powerful than your ego/personality, which should not be involved in the attraction.
• You can do this best if you enjoy what you are doing. Make this fun and do it lightly with joy as a powerful vibration in you.

Yes I know this is a challenging list but I know you can do it. Please remember that being effortless in your effort is important here. Let your thoughts come into alignment, your heart make you joyous and your spirit expand your consciousness and very soon you will see results if this Law of Attraction is truly a law you and I can live by.