This Inner Flow Of Knowing

Let’s start with this truth. My writing is a collection of ideas that you should question. The difference between myself (Dem) and most Republicans is that I encourage you to question what I say. I come from a mixed political party family. My dad is a follower of authority, who mostly doesn’t question and is a believer. My mom is no longer around but she was much more open-minded. I am fortunately much more life my mom and have be a progressive minded person all my adult life. I got to my present degree of opinion from many years of search for what the truth was. This searching takes work and most people seem too busy to bother.

Therefore since I bothered, I thought I would share my perspective with the hope that you would take what makes sense and toss out the rest. That is one of the main reasons for my blog, to share my explorations about life. As you notice, I write about a variety of topics and I have considerable education and extensive reading as my source of information. I am a thinker who enjoys contemplation. All of my learned knowledge however amounts to much less than the intuition and consciousness that flows through me.

This inner flow of knowing is beyond my thoughts; more aligned with my heart and my higher self. This same knowing is in you and it is totally available now in your life. Awareness and insight is awaiting you this moment. My sharing is a mix of my thoughts, my opinions and my intuitive sense of things, situations, ideas and people.

The reason I share what I share is that I want to encourage you to take the time to dive below the sound barrier of your mind noise and listen to the hearts’ wisdom and the collective consciousness of humankind. In you is the highest knowing in all of humanity and in from the source wisdom of the universe. You always have all the information you need if you just take the time to tune it.

This tuning in is a practice that can be long and laborious or instantaneous. Like most humans, I have chosen the long road but not intentionally. I have been on this long winding path because I did not fully understand the short cut of the moment. This known wandering path is written about in many wisdom traditions, a number of which I have studied. Over the last few years I have come upon the understanding of the more direct path of the moment. I am now trying to integrate that knowing so that I can be fully realized.

I have come to know that my limitations are of my own creation. I need nothing more than this moment, no more extensive reading or long periods of meditation. The highest consciousness is in this moment and my full realization is available here and now. So is yours. I invite you to stop all limited thinking and beliefs and step past today the self imposed roadblocks into the fullest and highest consciousness available to all human beings.

I know this sounds pretty out there. It is in fact way out there beyond the boundaries of what we think is true. There is in you and me in this moment, the greatest wisdom and knowing available.

Stop, quiet down, listen and become fully aware of all this moment has to share with you a seeker of the highest human consciousness. Have compassion, be conscious and explore the connections we all have and the world will never be the same.