Time To Stop The Blaming

Isn’t it time the CEO’s of the Auto Industry take responsibility for their lack of vision and leadership? Isn’t time Congress stop blaming Bush and Obama and take responsibility for the lousy job they have done for the past 8 years? Isn’t it time that we the people quit blaming our elected officials for not representing us and instead take responsibility for not demanding more from those in Congress and the White House? The President himself has taken no responsibility for the really poor job he has done, nor has Congress.

It seems like the news is center around blaming and very little on responsibility. The news people now seem to be more about entertainment and opinion; networks like Fox have people yelling and blaming 24/7.

Taking responsibility seems like the adult and mature thing to do. Blaming seems childish and for those with inflated egos who feel out of control. What do you think about the mess we are in and what we can do to get out of it? Is Blaming the key or it taking responsibility?

Here are some more questions that need a heavy dose of responsibility and no more blaming:
• How come the workers and their wages are blamed for the problems when the management team is doing a poor job and getting paid millions of dollars?
• How come the myth of unregulated capitalism as best is not questioned? If the people need to be regulated by the police and nations by armies, how come corporations are thought to be free of the need of regulations?
• How come companies like Blackwater, KBR and Halliburton are still doing really poor jobs and doing awful things and never get held accountable?
• How come the very wealthy get all the tax and other breaks and the mass majority of workers of the world have a hard time getting any breaks?
• How come the oil companies and those who buy gas- guzzlers get tax incentives and the green industries are having trouble getting the funding they need?

These and many more questions have to be asked by we the people? We can no longer assume that our elected officials will be on the look out for the common good. If we put our heads in the sand and point our fingers, we are blamers. Blamers tend to attract more to blame about. People who search for answers and get involved in being active citizens are the true change agents. We need many more active citizens and many fewer blamers.

Today and from now on quit blaming and pointing your finger, instead look for how you can make a difference. Together the people who take responsibility can bring about the changes for the good of all. Let’s all help this new administration be a positive force for change. Obama will be the president we request of him to be.