Warmth, Golf, Fun, And Being Present

Just a brief post today; it has been a fun and busy Sunday. The freakish weather was 65 degrees. During the night a warm breeze blew through the Boulder Valley and all the recent snow was gone in the morning. So we got up and used our free pass to play 18 holes of golf. What a fun game and such a great way to check out if your ego is running you or if you’re too attached to results? This is a game of being present and practicing non-attachment.

Non-attachment doesn’t mean not caring how things work out. It makes sense that you play the best in whatever you do. It also makes sense that you realize golf is a game and it doesn’t really matter how it all turns out, what matters most is whether you are having fun or not. Life feels good when you are doing your best, having fun, and enjoy whatever results you have. When you get upset over shots that miss, you are too attached to things working out the way you want them too. If you miss, you shouldn’t take it personally.

The evening is here and I am wondering where the last two days went. I enjoy my time away from the intensity of work. But it turns out that work and play can be a lot alike. In my work I have to be free of attachment to results. I help my clients as best as I can but I have learned that to expect them all to do well is a set up for me. I would burnout very quickly from this work if I expected all my clients to be successful in their bouts with addiction. The cold reality is that most have relapses, too often return to heavy use, and sometime don’t make it in again to get help.

I suggest the best method of living is to enjoy whatever you are up to even if it is not healthy for you. Life happens quickly and the more your heart is open, the more your mind keeps expanding, the longer your body keeps flexible, and the more you pay attention to your spirit the more life will be a joy to live.

Have a good week and remember to have fun along the way.