Try A Positive Mind For Better Results

Monday is here and let’s talk about further improvement to enrich our lives. The world seems like a mess and we can easily get caught up in what we are told is going on. Yes there are troubles out there as the news reminds us over and over again. That is why it is best not to watch the news. It keeps on filling our minds with images that are negative, fearful and slanted toward seeing the worst in people. The news and us watching it helps to create a negative reality in our lives.

My job as a counselor is helping people change their lives for the better. Many of those I listen to seem filled with negativity. They come from abusive and very difficult backgrounds and learn to expect the worst. The way they talk to themselves is filled with limits and unkindness. I often congratulate them for creating a lousy reality for themselves. I point out that their negativity will create more negativity. What they think about expands and if they think their lives are crappy, they are right.

Then I point out that the same mind that can be so negative can just as easily be positive. When we focus on the positive, our lives will reflect that positive thinking. The more we see things as working out, as heading in the right direction the more that will be our reality. Even if the times are challenging, positive focus people make things happen that work out well for them. An optimistic person finds lots of reasons to be optimistic.

Today and this week keep your thoughts full of good results, interact with others in supportive and encouraging ways, and spend quiet time appreciating all you have. Each day can be seen as an adventure in creating the life you want. You are the creator and it starts with the right frame of mind. It also is very helpful to go through your day with an open heart, which is a powerful attracter of good. Positive people and circumstances will present themselves if your heart is open. Lastly see yourself in a positive flow in which your mind is an asset, your emotions are alive and inspired, your body is healthy and energized and your spirit is awakened and a guiding force.

Have a week that makes you glad to be alive. Don’t worry, be happy.