Living By The Truth

One of the people I read for an expanded point of view is Osho. He was provocative questioner of the status quo. I came upon this quote/teaching of his that seems so clear and valuable that I wanted to share it with you.

“If you have found your truth within yourself there is nothing more in this whole existence to find. Truth is functioning through you. When you open your eyes, it is truth opening its eyes. When you close your eyes, it is truth who is closing its eyes. This is a tremendous meditation. Whatever you are doing is being done by truth. You are walking, it is truth walking; you are sleeping, it is truth resting; you are speaking, it is truth speaking; you are silent, it is truth that is silent. Slowly, slowly everything settles by this simple formula. Then you live as truth – alive, radiant, contended, blissful, a song unto yourself. Your whole life become a prayer without any words, or better to say prayerfulness, a grace, a beauty, a ray of light coming from beyond into our world." Osho

The power of knowing and living by truth is transformative. Truth is not something you are taught by others, not something from your rational mind, but a knowing that goes beyond doubt and shines from the heart.

If you know what truth is then thank you for spreading your light. If you haven’t explored truth lately then it is time to listen inward. There is a knowing there that you and everyone has access to if you desire to live in truth.

We are all waiting to hear what you discover.