More Ideas About A Blog Kindness Campaign

I wrote on the first of the month about a kindness campaign as an idea that would bring bloggers together to make the world a better place.  I have been thinking more about the idea of this kindness project and want to share some of my ideas.  I have to admit my underlying purpose is to promote world peace.  Now if you oppose such an idea than this project may not be for you.  It is hard for me to imagine that someone would not be for world peace but I am sure there are people out there with different ways of looking at things.  This project is not a political project but more of a social activists, social artist kind of project.  The following are some of my ideas for the project and your feedback is wanted and needed:

•    The beginning of kindness to me always taking the time to listen to those around you
•    We are all connected so this kindness project will help us explore our connections
•    Giving of our time is a way to act with kindness
•    Giving of our support financially or with supplies or help meet other needs
•    Compassion comes from understanding where others are coming from.  That is kindness in action
•    People can come together over the Web and plan projects of kindness in their community, nationally or globally.
•    We could all agree on a project to take on together
•    Project ideas may include: eliminating hunger, helping people get educated, listening with kindness, providing books to read, opening minds to new ideas, exploring ways to promote self-love and acceptance, spending time with people who need support, volunteering in your community, exploring different cultures, exploring different view points, helping those who are suffering, and many other ideas.  
•    There could be a National or Global Kindness Week
•    Creative solutions seem to be in great need and within us are those solutions waiting to be discovered
•    The more we work together, the more we open each other’s hearts and ideas
•    What act of kindness can you do today?  Maybe a pledge to do one act of kindness each day.  
•    What other ideas come to your mind?  How can we make a huge positive difference in the world by spreading kindness?  

Please share your ideas here.  Lets do something that will open our hearts and all those we are kind too and the world will then know the healing and nurturing qualities of kindness, compassion and love.