Foundations of The Explore Life Journal

Now that the journal has been happening for a year, I thought it would be a good idea to look at the foundation of ideas and topics that have guided the blog. When I began the blog I had many thoughts and ideas about what I wanted to write about and share.  As I look back over this past 12 months I see there are certain topic areas I feel drawn to regularly.  Here is what I now understand and want to expand upon as the foundation of this Journal:

1.    Consciousness – I write to spread consciousness.  I do that by asking questions, by sharing ideas, by offering expanded viewpoints, by encouraging the connection to your higher self/spirit/soul, and by inviting you to be aware.  A humanity fully of consciousness is needed now more than ever.
2.    Progressive – I believe in the importance of living in the world as it is and then planning on moving forward in a manner that is proactive.  My politics are progressive because I think it is essential that we question what is going on and that we make plans to create a better world.  The world we live in is dynamic and ever changing, so you and I need to always be growing.  Thinking, planning and having compassion for what is best for the people and future generations is progressive.
3.    Responsibility – I believe we create our own lives.  Playing the game of blame and complain makes us powerless.  The opposite of powerless is taking responsibility.  Responsibility means we see ourselves as able to respond, we see ourselves as the creators of our life through our thoughts, feelings, intentions and actions.  
4.    Unity – I see us all connected to each other.  We share this small planet together as we orbit about this giant universe.  Earth is like a single organism and we are particles that make it up.  There is many more similarities in what we desire, hope for and want than there are differences.  Our main differences are only in limited beliefs and those are not prohibitive barriers to exploring how connected we all are to each other.
5.    Love – I see love as the highest law, the solution to all major problems.  Compassion and understanding will end all human relationships problems.  Kindness and caring are the best guidelines for healing of what ails humankind.  If you and I can open our hearts than we can be incredibly powerful forces for good on the planet.
6.    Potential – I see every person on the planet as having unlimited potential.  My writing is about encouraging and inspiring you to explore and express your potential.  Within you are endless possibilities and your job is to realize all that you can in this lifetime.  I will do my best to encourage that.  
7.    Purpose – I believe tied to our potential is a unique purpose in each one of us.  No one, I want to say that again, No one can ever be or do what you are here to express in your lifetime.  You have a unique purpose that only you can realize.  The world needs you to passionately express yourself as fully as you can.  We all depend on that.
8.    Inspiration – I write to inspire the best in you.  I write to encourage you to express your creativity, to explore your intuition, to live in harmony with your inner knowing.  I write to lift you up, to give you confidence in yourself, to help you find the greatness inside.  
9.    Health – I believe that we can keep ourselves healthiest if we take care of our thoughts, our feelings, our bodies and our spirit.  Keeping fit means opening and expanding your mind; paying attention to and expressing your emotions; exercising the body by strength building, endurance and keeping flexible; and nurturing your spirit through silence, contemplation, prayer, walking in nature, creative expression, loving, and whatever else makes you feel expansive.
10.    Self-realization – I write to share my love.  I write to explore my own potential.  I write to remind myself of important ideas.  I write to express my creativity.  I write for the pure joy of expression.  I write to articulate the wisdom within me as a reminder of the wisdom within you.  I write to realize my purpose and to make a difference in the world.

I always welcome feedback and constantly read and explore new ways to grow myself and give more to my readers.  Thank you for sharing this journey with me and I hope you will let me know if I am making a positive difference in your life.