Can You Open Your Mind and Heart Enough?

Lately I have found myself writing more about the need for us all to be more active in what is going on in our communities, our nation and on our planet.   This is such a feeling of urgency inside of me about this need for us all to be as conscious and we can be.  I woke up this morning and was doing my morning visualization about us all living on a loving, conscious planet and the statement “we are all one,” came into my mind.  This is the theme I want to explore in my Sunday blog.  

We are all one.  We all inhabit this tiny planet in a huge solar system, which is part of gigantic universe, which is small part of an endlessly expansiveness.  Do you see how big it is out there and hall small this planet is.   Earth is more like a single organism in this giant universe.  On Earth there are healthy components like love, compassion, kindness, understanding, acceptance, consciousness, humility, open mindedness, patience, and many other aspects that allow the planet to thrive and expand toward its fullest potential.  There are also the potentially cancerous components like greed, hunger for power, fear, arrogance, unchecked ego, hate, need for control, and other aspects that cause wars and other horrible human acts of disrespect for each other.   This hurting side of human nature has forgotten that we are all much more connected than separate.  

On this planet you and I need to pay attention and take care of our health and the health of the planet.   A healthy Earth needs healthy, conscious, compassionate people.   Those that start wars, torture people, violate human rights, are arrogant and power hungry, and seem heartless, are in need of healing or cancer will spread further throughout the Earth organism and harm us all.

We are all one.  The worst response is to let fear control us.  The best response is to be guided by our hearts.  Love, compassion and understanding are the universal healing salve that can bring remission to even the most cancerous components.  

Can you let you mind and heart expand enough to invite the entire planet into your family?  There are no terrorists, there are only family members who are hurting, who need our understanding, who need limits set, and heart rediscovered.  Yes we are all truly one.