Eckhart Tolle, Oprah and You

Today I got a newsletter from Eckhart Tolle.  He and Oprah are doing a 10-week course for free about his latest book The New Earth.  This enlightened book of is an excellent read and it will absolutely expand your thinking.  His first book The Power Of Now is a classic book about being a more conscious human being.  

Oprah is such a gift to the world because she spreads inspiration and the possibility of deeper awareness.  She is a heart-based, insight–oriented human being who sees from a larger perspective and invites everyone to wake up to the potential they have.  I strongly urge you to checkout the writings of Tolle and to sign up for the 10-week class.  I already have.

There is within us and around us everything we need to express out most expanded nature.  As I have been writing lately, it takes tuning in and listening, breathing, being in the now, and loving you and all those you interact with.  I have been trying to invite you to create a simple formula to keep you aware in the moment; to help you be present to the infinite potential of the now; to encourage you dream big and imagine what you most want; to pay attention to your desires, inner wisdom, and your calls to live with purpose; and to make a commitment to explore and express yourself as fully as you can.  

I have been writing about all these ideas in a number of different ways because you and I are needed at our best NOW.  The planet needs us all to be conscious so we can think big enough to make sure our precious Earth is healthy enough for us to live here.  The world is full of fear and we need to have the heart and courage to see past that and instead seek solutions not more weapons, more fear, not more isolation.  

There is no way a small group of fanatics should have the power we give them by being afraid
, by the taking away of rights in this country under the faulty guise of protecting us.  The terrorists have already won if we let fear rationalize: needless war, torture, imprisonment without due process, secret CIA prisons, spying on Americans, private armies (Blackwater, Infragard), oppression of opposition, the executive branch using “we are at war” to rationalize all of its power seeking actions; and with all this insanity of ego there is huge profits for the military-industrial complex.   

Yes here I go again ranting, there is so much to be concerned about and frankly most people are too busy to pay attention.  Now is the time for each citizen to be as awake as possible, for us all to join together and bring this country back into the hands of those that should be in power; that would be you and I, the people.  

Please if you don’t do anything else, take the time to pay attention to you heart, listen carefully to those you love, participate in you community to make a difference locally, start or join a national movement that is making a conscious, compassionate difference in the world.  Be awake and aware, that will make a very valuable contribution to a better world.