How To Set Yourself Free To Be

It is another Friday and I am filled with excitement.   The past 24 hours I have had a huge influx of visitors at this blog.  Over 3000 people have come to check out my site and many came to read, “Which Ways Do You Limit You.”  This is a very inspired list that came from a higher knowing within me.   My years doing counseling and coaching have blessed me with sharing the inner journey of many as they took on life’s challenges and kept on growing.  I have listened compassionately for over 30 years and I got to know many of the themes that hold us all back.  Also paying attention to my own limiting ways has been very insightful.

I highly recommend counseling or coaching as a way to discover yourself.  The other best method that I know is to be comfortable with you silence and see what themes flow through your mind, heart, body and soul.  Meditation and contemplation are excellent avenues for finding your way into the interior landscape of your thoughts, feelings, desires and truths.  Taking time throughout your day to breathe and be present is what I have been writing about lately.  There is no better inner resource than the breath for helping you tune in.  Here is a practice that will enrich your life:

Find a comfortable place to sit and then begin to pay attention to your breath.  The goal here isn’t to deepen the breath because that will happen naturally as you follow the breath going on and flowing out. 

The exhale is where you let go, release and share with the world; you can let go of what may limit you or you can imagine that on your exhale you spread love from your heart out into the world. 

The inhale is where you breathe in the love, joy, and all good things from the universe; on the inhale feel every particle and cell of your being be filled with love and healing. 

So now you have this cycle of giving and receiving going with your breath.   It can also be a cycle of release and opening, whatever works best for you. 

Once you have this flow going with awareness, slip past the images you have created and go exploring to see what thoughts are there, what emotions are there, what beliefs are there, what awareness is there and what other moments of clarity await your understanding.  This inner search if done on a daily basis will help you become an incredibly conscious and dynamic individual.  Go with the breath into the amazing collection of all that you are and all that your potential longs to express.  Breathe and explore and enjoy. (you can do this same process walking quietly through nature, riding on a bus, while on a break from work or wherever you can fit it in.)

Have a great day and let that sparkle in your eyes shine out to bless the world.