Basking In The Light Of The Now

There seems to be many wonderful ideas flowing my way lately.  I made a commitment to be more present and in the moment and it seems the moment is full of things, ideas, inspirations the now has to offer me.  My “Breathe and Be in the Moment” mantra is very helpful.  As I mentioned before, I recently discovered I have this quietly sabotaging old theme that has limited me for much of my adult life; “hang in there (or hurry) and you will get through this.” I have to admit this old theme is a surprise but it makes total sense because part of me has explored and taught the antidote to that inner limitation for many years.  You and I often speak and teach about what we need to hear inside.

I have meditated, worked on being calm and centered in the moment and assisted many others to do the same.  I have lectured and written extensively on the importance of being present, in the now and relaxed about life.  This “hang in there or hurry” message is about not being in the present; it is about living with the idea the future will be better and you just have to hang on until you get there.  Does any of this sound familiar to you?

Some people spend most of their lives with their thoughts in the past.  They miss out a lot on what is in the present.  

I would guess many more people spend their time in the future.  Our world is more future- oriented.  The false idea that everything will be better at some time in the future is something people live for.  The plain and simple fact is that you never ever make it to the future.  The future by its very nature is not in the moment.  All you and I can experience is in this moment.   There is never any future in the moment.  Now is now, the present is a gift of being fully in the now.  

OK so what does this all mean and how can I benefit from these ideas you may be asking yourself?  All this means is you are invited to live fully in the moment, to be fully present to all the gifts each moment gives you.  Some of the gifts in the moment include: your breath, your thoughts, your openness to opportunity, your heart’s expression, your aliveness, your imagination, your intuition, your sense of knowing, your happiness, your desires, your ability to listen and be present for another, your kindness, caring and compassion, and so much more is right here in the now.

I hope you find yourself basking in the light of the now regularly and from there anything is possible.