A Heart Filled World

Happy Valentines to you and to every person on the planet, everyone deserves love.   This is a day set aside to acknowledge love.  That is a wonderful thing to do, to place a whole day aside to remind us about love.  The world needs so much love these days.  I hope your let your heart shine today and give lots of love.  

Think for at least a moment or two about all those who would appreciate love and send love to them.  You can simply close your eyes and imagine loving everyone on the planet.  Let your heart feel full of love, then fill yourself with love, then send love across the planet into every living thing.  Feel the planet covered in love like a blanket of warmth, caring and kindness.

This morning my wife and I went out for breakfast as Valentine treat.  We ate at the Walnut Café – Southside here in Boulder where you can always count on great tasting food.  Today is a cold snowy one after being 60 degrees yesterday.  We are adjusting well to this weather change because are stomachs are full and there is lots of love in our home.  

Yes everyone deserves love.  Yes even the most hurting and hurtful with sadly damaged hearts deserve love.  Terrorists deserve love.  Presidents deserve love.  Presidential candidates deserve love.  Congress deserves love.  Corporations deserve love.  Everybody deserves love no matter who they are, what they do how they think, or what they believe.  Please send love to someone that you find unlovable today.  It will do your heart good to open a little bit more.  Yes I do have people in mind that I question what they are doing but I will send them a big bunch of love just because I can and they deserve as much love as anyone.

Send some love to our Earth too.  Our planet could use lots more love and consideration.

Send love and be open to receive love.  Get the flow of love expanding everywhere and in everyone’s hearts.  Love really can heal the problems of the world.  

Lots of Love and Peace to you today and everyday.