Lots On My Mind and A Full Heart

Friday will be a very busy day so I am writing my blog the night before.  I first wanted to say how blessed I feel to have so much love in my life.  I am very grateful to my wife Bobbi, and to all my friends and family and to Pax our new dog who seems to be getting in lots of trouble, as puppies do, but he gives so such love back.  I hope Valentines Day was full of love for you.  

I have been visiting lots of blogs and websites lately working on building traffic to my blog.  I have to tell you there is so much going on, so many wonderful sites, so many people writing inspired ideas, so many opportunities to expand your thinking and your awareness.  If you want to have an interesting experience I suggest you go to StumbleUpon and sign up.  This is a wonderful site for randomly exploring the Web.  I am led to the most interesting stuff via StumbleUpon.  

Another thing I have been thinking about lately is that if you want information that will help deepen you inner life, help expand your ability to manifest success, or want to go explore and see about the endless possibilities out there, take some time to search on the Internet at Google or Dogpile or another search engine.  Life is so fun and there are so many positive and expansive ideas out there.  

In the morning tomorrow I am have the second session with a management team to help them work more effectively together.  Where we last left off there was some unfinished business and I hope to help them move on from the past.  Then in the afternoon, I will meet with some people about an income opportunity for myself.  Income is a good thing and more income would be very positive.

A couple of other thoughts to share: check out theta waves and meditation in your Web searching; explore the affirmation of “I Am,” a simple statement of self-acceptance and realization of your higher nature; there is a Boulder Magazine called Elephant that is full of interesting interviews of people who are expanding the way people think and experience life; and remember that your capacity for love is at least as big as the planet so please share as much light and love as you can.  

I will write again on Saturday.  Have a wonderful weekend.