Terrorists Are More Myth Than Reality

It is time for me to do some more writing about what is going on in the world and what can we do about it.  Most Friday evenings I watch Bill Moyer, one of the few real journalist out there asking real questions about what is going on.   As you know from reading my blog, I strongly support all citizens asking questions, seeking the truth beyond the media barrage of slanted information, rationalization, and political double talk.   Watching Bill Moyer always stirs me up, your can find out more about his show on PBS.org.  

Today I want to share some ideas about terrorism that are quite different than the information we are feed almost constantly by this administration and the media:

1.    The number of radical terrorist out there who really want to do us harm is very small.  In a numbers game, those of sane mind and rational beliefs win out by billions.
2.    These small radical groups are only as powerful as we are fearful.  If we are not fearful, they have no power.  Think of a bully and than imagine a large group of thoughtful people putting the bully in his place.  
3.    History is absolute full of examples of governments creating fear to gain power over their people and to rationalize all kind of horrible human endeavors.  Think war, torture, imprisonment without trial, domestic spying, suppression of opposition, and much more.  That was Germany, that was Russia, that is the USA now.
4.    The less we citizens pay attention the less our Congress does to watch out for us.  Congress has provided zero checks and balances and allowed this administration to conduct some kind of terrorist campaign that is totally not effective and has in fact involved the US in terrorizing Iraq.
5.    The trumpeting of terror has allowed our government to rationalization the starting of a war that is killing/murdering hundred of thousands of Iraqi citizens who are like you and me and not terrorist.  This rationalization makes no sense if you mind is able to function and see beyond the rhetoric.
6.    How long will we allow the government to take away our rights, spy on us, eliminate our speaking up, be a killing machine, give huge war profits to their friends, condone torture and secret prisons, build up private armies, and create huge debt for our children and just sit there and put up with it???
7.    Yes your lives are busy and there is much to take care of and to be concerned about but if you think politics doesn’t matter than it is time for a wakeup call.  There are no terrorists waiting at your door.  The government and our elected officials are the ones you need to hold accountable for their fear mongering and power grabbing, for their lack of concern for the people.  

If you and I don’t ask question, get involved and take action then any hope for a vibrant democracy will slip away.  Yes you and I are the architects of our future, not the people in Washington DC.  I suggest you find a way to make your voice heard, that you live with courage, that you follow your truth and that you believe in yourself and your ability to make a positive difference in the world.  The time is now to fully show up and be a mindful and heart filled  force for good.