Let’s Build A New Model Together

"You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete." R. Buckminster Fuller

I came upon this quote while wondering about the Web and I thought there is great wisdom in this quote from one of the great alternative thinkers.  I want to talk about change on two levels today.  I want to explore change on an inner level, that is growing and changing ourselves.   I want to also explore changing and enhancing our nation and the planet.  

As a therapist/counselor/coach I have worked intensely with people and myself on personal awareness and growth for over 30 years.  Building a new model for individual success and happiness involves some radical steps away from all the family, educational social, and religious conditioning we received growing up.  Most of us received a big stack of faulty beliefs, ideas, and limits tossed in with a whole slew of confusing emotional responses.  This programming was done with the best of intentions but reflects the limited nature of our role models and life examples.   You and I learned a variety of ways of being in the world that reflect the limits of the ideas, belief etc. of those who taught us directly or indirectly.  Much of what we learned was about: being not ok, guilty, sinful, have to fit in, be afraid, compliance, don’t be selfish, the badness of desire, not deserving, keep quiet, stay invisible and too many other ideas.   These are all part of the model we live now.  Building a new model is a tall order.  I will write more about this in the coming weeks.

Then there is our broken nation with leaders who are dishonest, without hearts and very dysfunctional, buried under the weight of influence, seeking approval from the voters but driven more by the need for more campaign funds.  All of them stuck in their own limited model of what is possible.  Presently the battle of fear, power and greed is dictating policy and the people are left to be spied on, many without medical coverage, and treated as if they don’t really matter.  Government is no longer run by or for the people but instead the forces of oil, insurance, military-industrial complex, banking, profit motives for corporations, and other mega influences now run the show.  This model of power hunger is starving the life out of democracy.  I will also write more about this in the coming weeks of this presidential election year.

There is much to do both in ourselves and on our planet.  The new models need to be constructed but first we must do a deep soul search to be fully aware of what is most important to us.  We need open minds and hearts to succeed.  There will need to be much giving up of old ways.  We will be packing up and leaving our comfort zone behind.  

Are you ready to be stretched beyond what you thought is possible?  Do you believe in yourself and your fellow planetary citizens and that together we can do what we need to do?  Can our nation once again become a leader on the edge of what is possible for the good of all?  There are always many questions and what lies ahead is even more questions.  Are you ready to ask those important questions and seek solutions and results for the common good of all now and for the generations to follow?  

I think so, I hear the stirrings in my heart, and sense that across this nation and the globe, and everywhere, people are excited and alive with a feeling of what we all know is possible.    Stay tuned and your feedback is requested.