Whole Foods and An Interesting Story

It has been a very busy day.  I spent most of it at a Whole Foods event for perspective vendors.  Whole Foods is a very value driven company and is looking to partner with local vendors to expand their product lines.  They want to help local businesses grow so they can grow.  As I listen to how they partner with vendors, I thought this is a company that is committed to quality and to caring for people and the Earth.  This is who I would love to carry the Peace t-shirts we have designed which are organic cotton or bamboo shirts made sweatshop free.   I am excited about the product show tomorrow where we show our designs.

My wife Bobbi and I are fully committed to working for peace and have designed these shirts to help people express their support for peace.  All the shirts have positive messages because we think peace comes from being peaceful and focused on the positive changes we want to see happen in the world.  You and I are needed to make peace possible.  Checkout our shirts at: www.Peace-Together.com.

I want to also share with you a very interesting StumbleUponvideo passed on to us by a friend who knew we would very much appreciate this person’s talk.  This talk expresses so much about the importance of appreciating and living live fully.  Please enjoy and I will write more tomorrow after I come back from the product fair.  

Remember that you are just as amazing as this person sharing his story.  Please take his story and allow it to lift your story even higher.