Can You Hear The Sound of Success Growing?

Another full day and things went very well at the Whole Foods product show.  It appears there is interest in our peace t-shirts.   We are excited about that possibility.  The other products we saw there were amazing and we met so many interesting people.  My wife and I both had the thought that we need to get out more.  One of the people we met is a lavender farmer in Boulder County.  Lavender is a very healing plant and this guy has some great products.  I don’t know if you have ever had the privilege to walk through a lavender farm.  It is a sensory bath of joyous smells.  I suggest you make plans to visit a lavender farm in late summer and enjoy. 

Now I want to say a few words about the joy of success Barack Obama is having after his 9th and 10th primary victory in a row.   The voter turnouts in these primaries have been huge and there is a ground swell for change flowing across the nation.   Change is needed and we the people will have to let the next president know what we want and expect.  I can feel a new era is on the way.  I feel hopeful that this new era will be about:

•    A return of the people to power in this country
•    A return of compassion and heart to government
•    A return to higher values  
•    A movement toward joining the world community instead of acting superior
•    A realization that our Planet needs to be cared for by us
•    A time of people coming together for the common good
•    A time for people to explore their shared hopes, dreams and desires
•    A time for progress forward toward a more sustainable future
•    A time for movement toward clean energy independence
•    A time for health care for all citizens
•    A time for the world citizens to put those that threaten us on notice that they cannot win because we are not afraid
•    A time for peaceful engagement and solution finding
•    A time to remove the money influence from elections and government
•    A time for corporations to serve us and become partners to the power of the people
•    A time to move toward ending the nuclear threat by the US leading the way in disarmament
•    A time for ideas to be explored and new technology to be invented that will make all of our lives better
•    A time to return to the Bill of Rights and end the government intrusion into the private lives of our citizens
•    A time to return honesty to the political process
•    A time to secure voting accuracy through a paper trail
•    And many more positive things, which are waiting for us to help make them happen.

I hope you feel the same optimism I do.  We can all make a difference.