Become the Source Of Your Own Freedom

Today I am back on schedule with writing my blog.  The last few busy days have been a real joy to participate with others in growing what we each have a passion for.  I like the idea that our passions, our sense of unique purpose can be essential guides for directing us toward the most wonderful of lives.  The phrase, “You create your own life” is stated often in the self-development circles of influence.  This statement means you and I are responsible for the world we create and the sooner we acknowledge that inside, at a deep level of awareness, the quicker we take conscious charge of how we want to shape our lives.

Taking responsibility means we listen inward and hear what is guiding us, hear the forces of desire, passion and purpose.  These guiding forces, when paid attention to, can show you where you need to go and what you need to do.  If you follow where you know you need to go, you will create happiness and success.  If you don’t, you will feel dissatisfied, unhappy and less and less in touch with yourself.

True personal freedom comes from making the choices that matter to you and following through to create the life you are here to live.  Settling for making a living doing what you can tolerate instead of going after what you want will never be satisfying.  Each day you choose to pursue the life you want, or you choose to get by, make do, and exist more out of fear than from a place of empowerment.  

Here are 10 powerful ways to manifest your personal freedom:
1.    Listen to what, you know in your heart, you are to do
2.    Follow you inner knowing and don’t stop until you arrive at your destination
3.    Say “no” to fear by acknowledging it and then courageously going forward
4.    Follow and express your own unique purpose as if your life depended on it
5.    Take each day as an opportunity to grow and move toward greater success
6.    Ignore the inner critic and grow your internal dialogue to be accepting, supportive, and encouraging
7.    Be willing to take full responsibility for you life and how you create it
8.    See yourself as a positive force for good in the world enhancing the lives of those you serve
9.    Follow your highest values and live according to what you know is right for you
10.    Make being conscious and compassionate the two ways you interact with the world and you will experience true freedom

It seems I am in a list mode lately.  Lists are great for getting points across in simple clear ways.  I hope you find these ideas helpful.  Please leave a comment below about what points are most important to you and if you want a private consultation drop me an email at