Could It Be This Simple?

Yesterday after I wrote and posted on my blog about freedom I came upon a very interesting article in Ode Magazine.  The article was written by Byron Katie, a very thoughtful teacher of consciousness.  Her books are based on the questions we need to ask ourselves to be happy and free.   Here are her some of her thoughts that seemed simple and powerful to me: “I discovered that when I believe my thoughts, I suffer, but that when I didn’t believe them, I didn’t suffer and this is true for every human being.  Freedom is as simple as that.  I found that suffering was optional.”

Suffering is optional.  Now that is a very expansive thought and totally liberating.  All you and I have to do is stop believing our thoughts.  Instead of accepting our endless parade of thoughts as real, all we have to do is question them and that sets up free.  Katie’s ideas are so worth exploring.   Take the time to pick up one of her books or go to her website called The Work.  

This article is an excellent reminder of how much we shape our experience by what we think about.  Our thinking can take us down the winding road of blaming, complaining, feeling angry and upset just by the spin our mind puts on what is happening.  We have the power to make our life miserable just by our thoughts.  

The good news is we can change our thoughts, we can question them and feel much better.  The even better news is, according to Katie, that underneath all these thoughts we carry with us is and endless flow of joy.  So what we need to do is get past our thoughts and find our higher nature, which is full of joy and freedom.   Now that sounds like a great vacation from the nonsense of our mind.  

In review, stop believing your thoughts and you will be much happier.  Could it be that simple?  Why don’t you find out?