Questions That Need To Be Asked

As I read through the newspaper and my Internet sources, I am always stirred by what is going on.  There are so many things to question.  How come people don’t pay attention or are they feeling helpless?  We are not helpless, we have the power to make positive changes but we have to speak up and ask questions. Here are my questions for today:

1.    Did you know the Drug Trade Lobby spent more than $22 million in 2007 to influence those in Congress?  What do you think happened to proposals that would lower drug prices and reduce drug advertising?  Dropped.  Should money be allowed to dictate policy in this country?
2.    Did you hear that John McCain claims he does not receive money from special interests groups?  Did you also read that there are 59 lobbyists now involved in raising funds for his campaign?
3.    Did you read that the security forces stopped checking for guns an hour before Barack Obama was to give a talk in Dallas, Texas (of all places) as thousands came to hear him speak?  The Secret Service is supposed to protect him but they pulled the security forces.
4.    Did you read about KBR, a part of the Halliburton/Cheney war machine, has had huge profits from the war using kickbacks to get contracts and stealing from the American taxpayers?  How come they get no-bid contracts?  Have you heard of conflict of interests?
5.    Have you been paying attention and noticed now almost 4000 soldiers have died in Iraq and hundreds of thousands are permanently damaged by the traumas they have experienced?  Many feel abandoned by the government when they return home and need help.
6.    Are we finally witnessing the hopeful end to the so-called religious rights attempt to dominate politics?  The force- feeding of their point of view is so full of hypocrisy.
7.    Are you comfortable with the US government listening in on your cell phone calls and monitoring your activities?  Does it feel like we are slowing slipping toward a police state to you?
8.    Do you know who owns your newspaper and what their political agenda is?   The conservatives are always blaming the liberal media.  The fact is the conservatives own most of the media outlets.  Rupert Murdoch owns the Wall Street Journal so you know there is a heavy political agenda behind what they write.  

Just a few things to think about as you decide how much you want to care about America and where we are heading.

Tomorrow I will write something more uplifting.  Sundays are days for rest and inspiration.  In the mean time keep your mind and heart open to finding your truth.