Opportunities In This Moment

How are you doing today?  I am fighting off something that has me congested and feeling achy.  I will keep my blog brief today so I can hurry my recovery by getting lots of rest.  When I feel this way I often tend to go inward as if to rally my inner resources.  The body naturally is healthy and when invaded by unhealthy particles, the good guys win out.  Please hold a healing imagine in your mind to assist my quick return to optimal health.  

I have been following my “breathe and be present” formula now for about a month and I must say it feels like I am heading in the right direction.  The world is so full of stuff going on that if you and I are to succeed we must be present to our own knowing and to what the world is sending our way.  There is in each moment an unlimited supply of opportunities.  Opportunities like:
•    A time to connect with a love one
•    A moment to appreciate all that you have
•    A sense of wonder about who you are
•    A realization that you long to express more of yourself
•    A knock at your door of possibilities waiting to come in
•    An expression of purpose that is unique to you
•    A smile of joy for being alive
•    An urge to be creative
•    An image of the future you want to manifest
•    A calling to express something yet unexpressed within
•    A simple enjoyment of the moment
•    An insight that sheds light on something you wanted to understand
•    A noticing of an emotions that needs to be expressed
•    A call from your soul that wants to get you back on course
•    A desire from a family member to connect to you
•    A reaching out to someone who needs a good listener
•    An impulse to do an act of kindness
•    An investment idea to create a passive stream of income
•    A desire to open your heart
•    A new thought that opens your mind
•    A connection to Source that uplifts you
•    A urge to call a friend who needs you
•    A desire to connect to more people
•    An awareness of your connection to all beings
•    A vividness of sight that enlivens the colors and patterns of life around you
•    And so much more.

Would you like to join me I the moment?