Leap Year, Poverty, Wealth and Giving

This week has an extra day on Friday.  Leap day should be set aside for fun.  If you don’t have plans to have fun on that day, I suggest you make plans and enjoy.  

Now on a more serious note, I was reading Paul Krugman’s column this morning and he was reporting on research about how children who grow up in poverty often have negative effects on cognitive development.  Is there really any reason in a nation as rich as ours for people to be living in poverty?  The article stated that over 17% of our nation is below the poverty level.  That means 17% don’t have the same opportunities as most of us.  Think of all the very rich and how much they could give to help everyone have an equal chance.

I have written several articles on having a Billionaire Heart here at my blog.  A billionaire heart is one that fully realizes their compassionate capacity and just keeps on giving to make the world a better place.  Even you and I can have billionaire hearts.  Our inner capacity for giving is unlimited.  We can give love to everyone in wonderful amounts.  Having lots of money is great for giving.  Money has the power to make things happen.  If you had millions and billions of dollars you could make a lot of positive things happen.

If you really want to feel good about yourself and your life, find more ways to give.  You can give: kindness, listening, time, money, understanding, acceptance, compassion, caring, ideas, and much more.  Giving always comes back to you in ways that enrich your life.  The more you give the more you receive.

I hope you have a really fulfilling and successful week.  Please let you heart shine when the opportunity suggests itself.  There will be real opportunities in many moments of your day.  You will feel glad you did and the world will be better off through your efforts.  

"It is right in your face.  This moment, the whole thing is handed to you."   YangWu