The Heart Never Lies

There is so much going on out their in the world and across our nation.  There are ideas and opinions flying about with people who are sure they know what is right.  The very vocal are probably the ones we should ignore the most.  The ones that tell us vigorously what we should believe and how we should think are the ones that should most pay attention to what they are saying.  Yes the experts are there in droves to attempt to record and shape our thinking.  The analysis is driven by minds that can’t quiet down enough to hear what really matters.  What matters most is the calling of you own heart to do what you know is right for you.  The heart never lies, it’s the head that spreads confusion about the world.  All confused love issues are also the cause of our thoughts not our purest desire to love.  

We live in a time rich with possibilities for insight, expansion and higher values.  Now each of us must see from a larger viewpoint with more heart.  It is well past time that:
•    We quiet the experts and find our own way.  
•    We ignore the words of those of corporate religion and find our own truth.  
•    We stop paying attention to the media manipulation, misinformation and programming by our government and instead live by the compassion of our inner knowing.
•    We participate in cleansing the game of politics of the dominance of money influence and lies and become a higher expression for the good of all.  
•    We return corporations to their initial charter, which was to be in service to humanity.  
•    We hold those running government directly responsible for debt they create and the mess they make (Iraq).  
•    We say no to fear as a way those in power attempt to control the people and become courageous citizens speaking up for what is right and what is not.
•    We evolve past killing each other as a way to resolve differences and control people.  
•    We fully wake up and end the lies, money trails, conflict of interest and self-serving ways of those who govern us.  
•    We demand our government end torture, domestic spying, war mongering, and trampling on our rights for their unenlightened agendas.  

There is so much more to be added here but this will do as far as stirring us all to ask questions.

The time has come to bring as much awareness and compassion into the world as we are capable of generating.  The partisan squabbling are simply egos battling and the head winning out over the hearts.  Turnoff the TV and find your own way to what matters most to you.  You, with as much consciousness as you can awaken, are needed today.  Then from that place of your own knowing, you can become a force for good, compassion, understanding, truth, and higher values in a world that seems to have lost heart.