Let Love Rule

Over the past few weeks I have been combining personal issues and issues present in our nation and on the planet.  I will continue to do that during this election year because I think we are hopefully going to change directions and leave the total dysfunction of this administration behind.  We are going to have to participate or more of the same will continue.  Today, however, I want to write more about the mind and heart hoping to invite more insight and awareness in you and I.  

One of my favorite writers for expanding consciousness is Osho. His books are available in bookstores and libraries.  He was a radical thinker and stirred a lot of controversy in his time.   Here are a few of his quotes that I find rich with consciousness and thought provoking:   

“The more fearless a person is, the less mind he uses.  The more fearful a person, the more he uses his mind.”

“If love is not allowed to flow, it becomes fear.  If love is allowed to flow, fear disappears.”

“Love gives courage, love takes all fear away – and the oppressors depend on your fear.”

“A person full of fear can only hate, a personal full of fear is more against life that for life.”

“If love appears, boundaries will disappear.  If love appears, religions will disappear. It is because love is missing that you are searching for God.”  Osho

These perspectives are provocative because they put love as a key component to how we experience life.  I will take these ideas and explore them because I think they are important for me to understand at a deeper level.  I invite you to do the same.  Then together we can be more empowered in our own lives and out in the world.  Have a good day and let love rule.