America In Jail, Into Blaming, and In Need of Attention

The end of the week is upon us and my mind is full of questions and things to contemplate.  Did you read in the paper or hear on the news that more than 1 out of every 100 Americans are now in jail or prison?  Sounds like something has gone very wrong in this country.  How is it that jail has become the solution to many of our societies ills?  It looks like fear is running the show, which means America has lost its heart.

Then I read this billionaire who owns a huge media chain says the reason our economy is a mess is because of Obama and Clinton.  I guess he feels it is important to blame somebody other than himself and the present administration?  The name of the game in this country is called Blame.  The goal here is to not take responsibility for anything; then it is always someone else who is at fault.  What age of development is this?  Are the people of America returning to preadolescences or just too afraid to be held accountable?

Recently, I heard the president say that the war in Iraq has nothing to do with the economic troubles in America.  Does he know what its like to be in debt?  I guess he figures, we are all incapable of thinking beyond his own ability? Since the President has not been held accountable for his poor thinking or behavior, why should he think he will be now?
That is enough to question for now.  I feel a strong need to refocus my own thinking.  The trouble with focusing on what isn’t ok, is that you keep finding more that isn’t ok.  Keeping my thoughts on what isn’t ok makes me feel not ok.  I prefer to focus on feeling happy.  This is my plan to live a happy life and I invite you to do the same.

The best starting place is for you and I to put our attention on what we want.  (An open heart and mind is key to this process.)  I will make my intention to be happy for the rest of my life.  That means I put my attention on things that make me happy.  I want to focus: on the positive results I want to create; on the love that I have; on gratitude for what I have; on enjoying the beauty of the world I live in; on the joy of being in nature; on the aliveness I feel by living with purpose; on the flow of creativity and inspiration I feel inside of me; on the joy of my friendships with family, friends and my dog; and on all yet to be realized as I further express what is within me.  

How about you?  Where do you want to put your focus?  Remember, what you think about expands.  If you think what is good and possible, there will be more good and possible.  If you think about blaming and how awful things are, there will be more to blame and more to feel awful about.  Where will you put your attention today?