When Stuck, Find Your Heart

Today it is like Spring out there where the birds are singing and the day is calling me to play.  I want to go outside, hop on my bike and just enjoy the break from this cold winter.   Warmer weather makes me feel better.  I am more of a spring/summer kind of person.  However, today I feel restless and full of discontent.  I am upset because some things are not working out like I want them to.  I know I am feeling sorry for myself.   The results I have been working for are slow to come and it puts me in a place where I need to take on some work for much less pay than I want.  That makes me mad.  The worse part of this situation is that I translate the low results, as there is something wrong with me.  This is an old inaccurate theme that runs through me and it is not about self-love.  

I just got an insight as I wrote the above sentence.  Yes, something happened along the way where my thinking turned slippery as I allowed negativity toward myself.  In other words, I stopped loving and accepting myself at a thought level.  Whenever I do that, things start sliding away from where I want to go.  I am not sure where I went off course but I do know what I need to do to get back on course.  I need to reopen my heart.  As I have been writing lately, love is the most positive force on the planet and is the solutions to almost all problems.

I just took a deep breath in and opened my heart.  I invite you to do the same in this moment.  As you breathe in, imagine your heart opening and expanding.  With each breath, you fill more and more of your body with the healing energy of love.  Your heart now pours love into every particle and cell of your being.  This love that fills you is from the Stream of Well-Being available to us all.  All we have to do is be open to receive, to allow the flow into us and our lives.  You and I glow when our heart fills us with love.  Then take this outpouring of love and share it with those you love and even those you don’t know.  Be a fountain of love, compassion, caring and kindness today.  See how that feels.

I know I feel so much better just writing this for you to read.  The heart is the healer and healing is needed everywhere in the world today and you can make a difference.  Let your love shine.