Outside Feedback Can Be Very Healing

Yesterday it was 70 degrees and a great beginning to March.  Today it is 32 degrees and there is 4 inches of new snow on the ground.  Yikes this weather change is too much. 

I hope you weekend is going well.  Yesterday afternoon I had a body assessment and massage.  Heidi is a friend of ours who is also the best bodyworker/intuitive/healer.  I got some very valuable feedback about some inner work that needs further healing.  I can’t say enough about the importance of getting feedback from others to help you grow past what may be holding you back. 

Without feedback you can spin for years in a stagnant pond of unfinished business.  It took almost 15 years for me to gain the insights I gained yesterday.  That was way too long even though I have been active in getting feedback, sometimes it takes awhile to go deep enough.  Bodywork is often very helpful because the emotions and images of what needs healing reside in the body memory and a skilled practitioner can access this information.  I am very grateful to Heidi for her work.  It will now be able to better move me forward in some very powerful ways. 

Here are some signs you may need outside feedback:
•    You are alive and breathing, everyone can benefit from the compassionate feedback
•    You find yourself in a holding pattern and things don’t seem to be moving forward
•    You feel frustrated or upset because you don’t know what to do next
•    Your energy is low and depression is bringing you down
•    You have great ideas but you can’t seem to carry through on them
•    You feel blocked in your heart and distant from people
•    You mind seems are snarled up and confused
•    You can’t seem to get things flowing in the direction that you know is right for you
•    You lack purpose and/or focus in your life
•    You desire prosperity and success but they are not happening
•    You feel yourself holding in lots of emotions and have too much tension in your body
•    You feel full of life but alone and longing for love

I hope you find this list helpful.  In almost every community there are skilled bodywork professionals.  Ask around and you will have friends that can recommend people. 

In some communities there are even very powerful healers that most don’t even know about.  I remember I worked with a woman in Portland, OR and she was telling me her daughter had come down with a very mysterious illness which lingered on and on.  My friend said she had heard of a powerful healer in Chinatown and she went looking.  One day this very small white bearded man dressed in a traditional black outfit showed up at her door.  He did not appear to speak much English but she brought him to her daughter’s room.   He stayed for a while, doing some diagnosis, gave her some herbs and then tied a red cloth on her door handle and was gone.  The next day the daughter was back to her healthy self.

I share this story because there are resources out there for us to utilize to bring deeper healing and realization to our lives.  Asking for feedback and getting help is ok to do.  You deserve to have a life of great health and success.  Along the way you may benefit greatly from the intervention of someone who has access to who you are at a deeper level of knowing than you do. 

I have found the simplest of questions coming from my intuitive sense have brought light to those I work with.  I love to see the light of insight go on and then profound shifts can take place. 

Where is your life could you benefit from feedback?  Ask and your will receive.