Super Bowl and A Box of Chocolates

Today is Super Bowl Sunday.  I love sports but tend to feel like I am wasting time when I watch too much of it.  This game is fun because I enjoy watching competition at this level of excellence.  All the hype is so uninteresting to me but frankly the ads for the Super Bowl are almost as interesting as the game itself.  I will have several hours of entertainment on the one day I set aside to play and enjoy and to do little work.  I need these off days to recharge me for my on days.

I noticed all the experts make predictions for the final score for the game.  I am not an expert but I thought I would make my own prediction:  New England wins 31 to 17.  I can guess as well as anybody.

I hope you have a fun day today.  I trust if you don’t like football, then you will find something else to do.  As one of my favorite philosophers Forrest Gump says, “Life is box of chocolates.”  Today I choose to have the small pleasures of fun, working out, playing with our pup and enjoying some competition and creative ads.  What chocolates of life will you choose?

Have a great day.