Critical Thinking Is Essential

I hope you had a good day yesterday.  I know the New York Giants did.  The results of the Super Bowl had to feel pretty exciting to many and very disappointing to others.  I was disappointed.  I feel happy for all those who had reason to celebrate and I feel compassion for those that didn’t have the results they has hoped for.  Feeling the ups and downs of life means you are alive.   That is a good thing.   

Today is the beginning of another week and what are you looking forward this week?  What are you intentions?  What results do you want to create?  How will you know if you are successful?  Yes as always I like to ask questions.  Questions stimulate the mind to access information and to spark critical thinking.  Critical thinking doesn’t mean being critical, it means fully examining the issues at hand in search of the truth.  The work of hunting for the truth is part of your and my journey in this lifetime.   Sometimes our hunting will take us on adventures that question our beliefs and help us see the light of a deeper understanding.  That is journey worth taking.   

Recently I wrote a blog about an article in a paper about the Catholic Church telling people that how they vote could affect their salvation.  I found that to be so absurd that I wrote a blog about it.  Again I asked questions of my readers and invited them to explore what the truth was for them.  I shared my truth about these ideas and I hoped to invite some critical thinking.  Now that blog has been turned into a video and it makes the points of the blog even more powerfully.  Check it out: Voting May Be Dangerous For the Afterlife.

Let me know what you think.  Are you willing to question the established power structures, the old beliefs, the ways things have traditionally been done before, all in search of the truth? This kind of critical thinking is necessary to stop future wars; to take care of our precious planet and its air and water; to bring honesty and integrity to all facets of our democracy; to have true compassion for those less fortunate; to be the person we want to be; and so much more that is possible in a world where citizens are conscious, aware and able to understand the truth.

Have a good week and prosper in love, joy, peace, freedom and abundance.