This is Super Tuesday for three reason around our home.  First it is my wife Bobbi’s birthday.  She is a true gift of love.  This is her special day and we are going to enjoy it together.  The second reason this is a super day is that we both are excited about participating in democracy and today are the Colorado Caucuses.  The third reason is that today Americans will let us know in many states who they want to be the next president.   Thankfully we are moving forward and soon to replace this hugely disappointing administration.  

Are you interested in the game of politics?  For some like myself who has been very involved in campaigning this is a very interesting time.  There is a great need for political reform at so many levels.  This political process is however the best we have for now.   I hope we the people bring more of the higher values of honesty, equal justice, compassion, campaign reform, election security, peace and understanding and much more to our democracy.  If you don’t like some of what is going on, get involved and make a difference.

Let’s talk about a forth reason this is Super Tuesday.  It is super because we are alive.   We have home to live in and computer to read this blog on.  We have each breath of this day and each heartbeat.  We have he love in our heart that is unlimited.  We have the love of those we share our lives with.  
We have this day moment after moment to:

  • Love fully
  • Enjoy and be happy
  • Expand our perspectives
  • Live with purpose
  • Have compassion for others
  • Imagine great things
  • Accomplish our goals,
  • Enjoy our inner stillness
  • Open to opportunities
  • Feel all that is inside of us
  • Think about important matters
  • Find our truth
  • Learn new ideas
  • Be well and fit
  • Dream of what is possible and then make it our reality.

Yes this is Super Tuesday in so many ways.  Here’s to success for Senator Obama.  Here’s to a great day for you and for all those participating in democracy in action.

Happy Birthday My Love.