There Is Change Brewing In Ourselves and Our Nation

Last night was a busy one as we attended the Boulder Democratic Party Caucus.  The largest this gathering had been in the past was 20 people, last night there were 104 in our precinct and many more there in other precinct meetings.  The place was vibrant with aliveness as this was democracy in action.  From what I hear there has been very large turnouts across the country.  That was the other busy part of the evening, watching the results across the country on the evening news.  The voter turnout is such positive news because people feel like they need to get involved.  This president did one thing very well, he has stirred the masses to know positive leadership is needed now more then ever.   

I was elected to a position of representing my caucus for Obama at the county convention.  It seemed necessary that I get involved because I am fully committed to help make this world a better place.  The best place to start is in my community.  Involvement is essential for everyone one of us that is concerned about our nations future.  This is truly a critical time.  If there is not a change of direction, this country and the planet will continue in their downward slid.  

Anyway there is reason to be optimistic.  There is change in the air and we can be an active part of that change.  Here are the optimal conditions for you and I so that we can be positive agents of change:

•    Be open in your mind
•    Be open in your heart
•    Be willing to ask questions
•    Be open to the possibilities of the moment
•    Be receptive to you own inner guidance
•    Be receptive to exploring a variety of viewpoints
•    Be honest within and bring honesty to process
•    Be flexible
•    Be willing to listen with your heart
•    Be positive and optimistic
•    Be willing to focus on solutions
•    Be compassionate and kind
•    Be understanding
•    Be willing to stand up for what you believe in
•    Be courageous and push past fear
•    Be patient and trust the process
•    Be determined to do what it takes
•    Be disciplined and focused
•    Be free enough to enjoy the process
•    Be in touch with you feelings as a guide
•    Be willing to grow in the process
•    Be willing to take responsibility now, leave any blame behind
•    Be the change you want to see in the world
This list is to show you what is possible within each of us.  Yes we are all works in process, as is our nation.  The goal is for you and I to be our best to encourage positive change.

Hope to see you out there stirring things up and together we can create a better world for us and future generations.