In Search of Self

Over the years our journey is toward a fuller realization of self.  Along the way with open mind and heart our lives can be rich with growth and insight.  This makes for a satisfying and rewarding life.  The goal really is to be who we are.  That seems simple enough doesn’t it?  There are however some complications that can occur along the way.

We come into this world with a soul that has purpose and an infinity of possibilities.  Our soul chooses the life it enters seeking to fully express itself.  Then life happens, parents and society program this little mind, body and heart, yet the soul remains free of that conditioning.  If raised in a more enlightened situation, the soul and self remain free to be who they are.  In this ideal world, there is love, play and the full expression of our higher nature.  

Most of us were not raised in homes where love was pure and consciousness guided those who attended to us.  What we got instead was the struggles and confusion of those egos limited by their own social conditioning.  That was not bad, it was simply the nature of the situation our soul chose to enter.  Basically we learned to be like those who raised us.  We were taught to view ourselves and the world, with the same misunderstandings and beliefs they had.  A reminder here, this is not about blame, this is about awareness.  

Somewhere along the way, we began to question some of the ways and viewpoints we had learned.  That is part of growing up and maturing.  Without that questioning, we can only play out the limited ideas that have been passed on to us.  There are those that settle for living their lives without questioning.  They tend to live in a way that closes the mind and heart to the world that doesn’t fit their narrow viewpoint.  We all know people who are closed to other ways of seeing the world.

The opposite of closing down is obviously opening up.  If we truly want to find out who we are, we need to open up.  Opening up means keep our minds and hearts receptive and available.  This open state is one in which the mind actively questions and seeks to be more conscious.  This is an ongoing process that is meant to last a lifetime.  

An open heart is about expanding our capacity to love.  This is a pure love full of acceptance of self and others, full of the joy of deep connection, full of the compassion that comes from understanding.  Love of this nature has the unlimited potential to resolve all human issues.  With an open mind and heart, you and I are capable of anything we desire, we can be all we want to be, and we can be a positive force for good in the world.   

The challenge here for most of us is to wholly step into the love and acceptance of self.  This is essential on the journey to being a totally self-realized human being.  The search for self is all about love and acceptance.  There is no way around this need to be completely ok with who we are.   As long as this is unresolved, our ability to love and accept others will be limited.   

I want to invite you to take the next big step in your life and love and accept yourself just as you are.  This will take awhile, but the rewards will be well worth the effort.  With love and acceptance, you will open yourself to a rich flow of giving and receiving love. You will open yourself to a rich flow of life with all the abundance the world has to offer.  “I completely love and accept myself,” is the phrase you want to explore until it is true.  

Let me know how it goes and let your love and light shine.