What Does Life Want From You?

Last night I watch part one of the Eckhart Tolle and Oprah series.  What an incredible gift to the planet this series is.  Eckhart is such a light for the world as is Oprah.  The format is excellent with people able to conference in, phone or email questions.  I very much appreciated the interactions of Oprah and Eckhart, they seem to enjoy the opportunity to share their ideas with the world.

The idea that seemed to impact my wife and I the most from part one is this question: “What does life want from me?”  This question is a different take on, “what do I want from life?”   The reason it feels so powerful to me is that it asks us to be mindful of what we are called to do.  The word “life” can be substituted by “Universe,” “God,” “Source,” or whatever seems right to you.  Oprah used the word God.  She said, “She prays regularly asking God to use her to do good in the world.” Her prayers seem to be working very well.  Eckhart used the world Life as his guide.  Who he has become says his seeking guidance has also been very helpful to him and all those he has touched.  Many seekers use Source or Universe in talking about their guiding force.   

So if the higher wisdom of the Universe was to guide you, what are you to do with your life?  Do you listen for guidance?  Eckhart talked about the quiet within, the stillness as the place to listen for your higher knowing.  Yes you and I have very unique purposes that only we can realize.  If life is our guide, where do we need to go and what do we need to do?  

How do you know if you are aligning with what God/Source want for you?  The way you know is by how you feel in you mind, heart, body and spirit.  If you feel energized, alive, open in your heart, full of inspired ideas, and it seems like you are soaring than you right where you need to be.   If things don’t feel right, your heart or mind is closed down and you feel stuck than you have gone off course.

I would highly encourage you to check out this exceptional series.  Go to Oprah.com to find out how you can tune in on this opportunity to become a more conscious, aware and happy human being.