How Come We Love To Watch People Being Killed?

As I said yesterday on my blog I have been watching the Oprah and Eckhart Tolle series.  Another point they made was about how much we humans love to watch movies and shows about humans hurting and killing each other.  Can anyone explain that gruesome fascination to me?  Many of the big hit movies are about murdering and the awful ways we treat each other.  Video games are terrible for their graphic use of killing as entertainment.   Is all of this violence good for us? Here are some questions I have – What are your answers?

•    Where does all this love of violence come from?
•    Are we all pissed off?  
•    Have we lost touch with our hearts?
•    Are we so numbed by life that we need to see terrible things to feel something?
•    Do we not care about each other?
•    Have we been so programmed by the fear-based news that we need a rush to feel anything?
•    Is murder and suffering ok now because we have lost our moral compass?
•    The war in Iraq is about our leaders murdering for power, is this damaging to our psyche?
•    Does murder and pain make us feel better about our own lives?
•    There has been 100,000 to 500,000 killed in Iraqis since the war began, why is this ok in any way?   
•    Can a person in touch with their soul really be ok with murder?
•    How can any church or minister support a war if they say they represent the teachings of Jesus?
•    Do you get a rush watching those murderous films?  How come, do you think that is?
•    Why would anyone vote for John McCain if he loves the power of war so much?

There are more questions to ask but for now I hope that has got you thinking.  It sure has me wondering where is humanity heading.  Are we heading toward the light of consciousness and compassion or towards the darkness of heartlessness and the ego’s need for power?

It seems we are at a point where we need to choose a higher path or go the way of past fallen civilizations.  Please let me know what you think.