Stop the Hyper, Slow Down, and Explore Balance

I went last night to hear one of the presenters on the now famous movie – The Secret.   I had heard he was a very good speaker.  I found myself quickly getting restless as I listened.  He talked at a hyper level with words and ideas flying at all of the 300-400 who attended.  I do not know how to take in information at that speed.  I felt at some point I needed to take cover from such a barrage of ideas.  There was no time to contemplate or integrate, even for a moment, what was being said.  That doesn’t work for me but maybe it does for others?  It was like some kind of New Age revival meeting and even though I am aligned with the ideas, the performance did not work for me at all.

Today I am giving an hour presentation called, “Finding Balance In Your Life.”  It has been a few months since I have given a talk and I am excited.  My style is more relaxed then the one I saw last night.  I invite people to ask questions as we go and try to give them time to sink into the ideas I share.  Here is a quick summary of what I will share.

1.    We live is a crazy sped-up world, where we want everything now.  I have heard it called a hurry/worry world and I think that fits.
2.    There are 5 components essential to finding balance:  mental, emotional, physical, spiritual and relationships.  The first four our about self and the fifth is about how to keep our relationships healthy and balanced.
3.    A good beginning point is to find ways to slow down.  Your breath is a key component.  The speaker last night seemed to be on the verge of running out of breath for most of his talk.
4.    Your thoughts are powerful.  If you think thoughts that are positive, hopeful, creative, compassionate and expansive than your life will be like that; if you focus on limits, complaints, lack and judgment than you life will reflect that.
5.    Love and acceptance of yourself and those you are close to is essential.  If must start inward and spread out to those you love.
6.    Be present to each moment in life.  Hanging out in remembering the past or living fully focused on the future will make you life now a mess.
7.    Take full responsibility for your life, your thoughts, your emotions.  The blame and complain game creates a lousy life.
8.    For self-nurturing explore the following: creative expression, quiet-time, having fun, forgiveness/letting go, listening compassionately to self and others, set limits, be flexible, express your purpose, be proactive, get the rest and sleep you need, eat with health in mind, keep your mind
and heart open, set intentions, take actions, find what works to bring order to your life, and much more.

Frankly my talks are most intuitive and the ideas above flow from a very simple guideline of key ideas I have on a single sheet of paper.  I have given so many talks over the years that I trust fully in my ability to come up with all that I need to make this talk heart felt and thought provoking.  I wish you could be there because I love to inspire.  Have a good Friday and an enjoyable weekend.