You Are Divine Expression In Human Form

It is a cold cloudy Sunday morning here and I am getting ready to go for a run.  I still feel energized from being around so many people yesterday at the county Democratic convention.  Today I feel grateful for my life, for my partner Bobbi, for our dog Pax, and for our life here in Boulder.  I will go for a run in a place filled with natural beauty and enjoy (more after I am done) my body pushing itself up the trails and feel the strength of my legs, heart and lungs.  It is good to be alive.   

I keep on coming back to the idea of how important it is to be OK with yourself.   The process of growing up is a challenging one with many people along the way sharing their judgments about who we are.   Unfortunately many of these critical assessments come from people who are not OK with who they are.  There is a long human history of passing on poor self-acceptance.  Most of us have work to do about loving who we are.  Please consider this:

•    You are made of the same stuff of the Divine Source that created you
•    Your heart is unlimited in how much love you can give and receive
•    Your mind is a powerful tool that has the ability to think thoughts and generate ideas that are unique and world changing
•    You have a creative genius in you waiting to be expressed
•    Your body is an amazing creation that carries on multiple tasks automatically, while keeping you healthy, digesting your food, regulating you energy flow and so much more.
•    You have a purpose unlike anyone else ever on this planet and only you can realize the purpose
•    You have an inner knowing, intuitive wisdom that contains the highest consciousness of humankind
•    You have within your cells the entire history of human evolution
•    Your capacity to listen with compassion is the greatest gift you can give to those you care about
•    Your emotions are a wonderful feedback system that constantly lets you know when you are on course or need to course correct in your life
•    You have your breath which offers you in each moment the opportunity to breathe consciously with awareness
•    You are your Spirit which wants to take you higher in your life and soar to Its fullest expression
•    You have the capacity to take full responsibility for your life and empower yourself to create the life you desire
•    You seeking and exploring of truth is the journey of all the wisest and most conscious human beings

Please allow this list of who you are to integrate into you life.  You are an amazing creation waiting to be self-realized.  We all cheer you on because we are enriched by you being you as fully as possible.