Life Lessons Keep On Coming

Over the night about 5 inches of snow fell and it is a beautiful winter wonderland out there.  I just got back from a walk with my dog and he was in trouble for not "coming" when he was called.  Training a puppy takes patience and determination.  I have both and together we will succeed.  He is avoiding me presently because I let him know that chasing him down was not what was suppose to be happening.  I take everything as an opportunity to learn in some way.  I felt myself get afraid as he disappeared into the underbrush and when I finally caught him I was upset.  In awareness I can respond with more compassion.  I felt what was going on inside and saw that fear was running me because of concerns for his safety.  

Tomorrow I start a new job at Boulder County and I see it as an excellent opportunity to use my program design and counseling skills.  I have been writing this blog, building traffic, completing a novel, and working to promote peace for the last 6 months and the money flow has been less than needed.  I took this job because I need the income and because I feel the desire to get out in the world more and make a positive difference.   This job will be a real plus for me using my skills and experience and it will make a difference for those I serve.  I will take returning to work full time as an opportunity to continue to grow.

This has been a very challenging time for my wife and I.  We have been fully committed to promoting peace through consciousness, compassion and connection.  Spreading Peace and consciousness are the main driving forces behind this blog, my novel and obviously our peace company.  We have invested lots of time and money in our peace promoting efforts and now our resources need to be replenished.   I had hopes that my inner work (healing limited beliefs, ideas and sense of self) and exploring prosperity concepts would open the way to a more abundant flow but so far that has been lagging behind the basic needs.  I will take all of this and learn from the process.  I am fully committed to being as fully realized as possible in this lifetime.

All of life is rich with opportunities to explore and express who you and I are, our purpose, our passions and our innate desire to be a more conscious human beings.  Each doorway whether open or closed gives us feedback; each result positive or less than gives us feedback; and each emotions lets us know if we are on track or off, so there is much to be learned along the way.  I trust fully that what we learn makes us better able to fine-tune the process of creating the life we desire.   

My life is just where it needs to be and I embrace this moment because it is so rich with possibilities.

Have a great week and may your lessons be mostly fun and expansive.