Peace Vigil, Video Of My Writing, and Easter

The Peace Vigil last night had about 200-250 people and my talk seemed to be well received.  That was my first political oriented talk.  I felt pretty excited about the opportunity.  I got some positive and supportive comments after.  It feels good to be out in the world speaking up for what I believe in.  See my talk at yesterday’s blog.  

***I have very exciting news.***  One of my blogs has been turned into a video on again.  Please check it out and let me know what you think.  The video is entitled: Another Extraordinary Day

I hope your week has been going well?  My new job is very interesting and I am taking in all that is going on.  I actually led one group therapy session and participated with other staff in two others.  The clients are in needs of lots of help and I feel like I can be of real service to them.  Life just feels energized when you are doing things that matter.  

Have a Good Friday and a Happy Easter.  When I was a child these days seemed really important but they no longer mean much to me.  I guess I have come to question the significance of these stories past down to us through religious traditions.  If they have meaning to you, I hope these two days lift you up.