Rising Above Your Self-Limits

It is a Good Friday and I hope you are doing well so far this year.  I know you probably begun the New Year with some positive intentions.  How have done so far?  I suspect you have had some successes and some things have not worked out as well.  The challenge of rebuilding your and my life is that there may be ways that we are, that keep getting in the way of success.  Please consider revamping, exploring and possibly changing the following ways:

•    You prefer to do things that feel familiar.  It feels safer to stay in your comfort zone.  The desire for safety and what is familiar may be limiting your future opportunities.  Instead be willing to take risks and be willing to move into unknown territory and the unfamiliar.
•    You find yourself spending too much time seeking the approval of others.  Approval seeking is an impossible job to be totally successful because everybody has different expectations of you.  Instead begin by finding approval for yourself.
•    You have a big need to be right, in control, and have power.  This all means that you are run by your ego.  The hungry ego is a real problem and will lead to much dissatisfaction and arrogance.  Instead choose to shrink the egos domination and listen to your heart.
•    You may have much emotional damage from an upbringing by damaged parents, family members and social conditioning.  That damage will run you unless you come to understand, that in the present, you can make other choices than letting the past control you. Take the time needed to become aware and heal what is wounded in you.
•    You can totally be a person of habit.  If you are stuck in a groove in your life, it may be time to stop and look outside the groove and see what else is going on.  A habit driven life lack spontaneity and can cause you to numb out.  Instead invite new experiences into your life and go exploring in areas you feel drawn to do.
•    You may actually believe that your thoughts are real.  Most thoughts are based on inaccurate information, faulty beliefs, incorrect ideas you learned along the way, fear based reactions and much more that isn’t your truth.  Instead question what you think, find out what your truth is, and seek out opportunities to be more conscious and awake.
•    You may be a person who is driven by desires to have what you want.  If you find yourself surrounded by things in the pursuit of happiness, than you may be seeking happiness from the world around you.  Instead seek to find happiness on the inside, the only place real joy can really come from is in your heart.
•    You may be one who prefers to live in memory of the past or in hopes of the future.  Neither place actually exist.  The only real place anything can happen is in the now, in the present moment.  Instead focus your thoughts and efforts on being fully present to the opportunities and possibilities that are waiting for you now.

I hope you find these ideas helpful.  There are other ways we can get limit ourselves but you will find these cover pretty thoroughly the ways we can sabotage the life we want to create.  Take the time you need to assess which one of these are getting in your way from creating the life you desire.  Remember that you create your reality and it is best to get out of your own way.  Leave a comment below about what you think about these ideas.  We can all learn from each other.

With Easter on the way, do some exploring so you can rise again from that which is not working to what is the highest possibilities within you.