The Myth of Easter

It is Easter and I hope you are enjoying this day.  As I have gotten older I feel less connected to this holiday as it seems meant for people with a certain belief system.  I cannot identify with the idea that son of God needed to die for our sins and then he rose from the dead.  This story makes no sense to me.  First place the idea of Original Sin is a human myth that seems to be about making us feel bad about ourselves.  This is a crazy idea invented by men not by any God.  The whole dying on the cross seems like such a guilt trip again invented by men not by God.   I think asking questions about our myths are more important than having “faith” in them.  

I invite you to rise above the stories and questionable beliefs.  I invite you to question what you are told and to instead seek the higher truth.   There are many who want to tell us what the truths are but frankly they know no better than we do.  As a matter of fact often the so-called experts are the ones blinded most by their own beliefs.  

Make finding your truth an important journey in you life.  If you do so your life will feel full of meaning and purpose.  To me the highest knowing needs to include: love, compassion, understanding, acceptance of differences, an open mind and heart, and a very expanded viewpoint that is inclusive of many ideas.  Anyone that thinks they really know what is right and claims to have the answers needs to questioned because they cannot possible know what is true for you.  

Have a good week and keeping opening to your higher nature.