The Path Of Your Potential

Make this week a powerful one for you.  Spring has sprung; there is new growth in the air.  Feel the stirrings inside calling you out of your cocoon.  Listen deeply to the urges pulsating through your body.  Feel the heart being tugged on by its desire to be loving and compassionate.  Your time has come.  Your moment is awaiting.   Here are 9 ways to be more your potential in the world:

1.    Let your heart be the guide, and compassion be your way of interaction.
2.    Find the silence beneath the endless stream of thoughts and tap into the higher knowing.
3.    Make it you goal to have more fun, to play and to find the stream of joy that wants to be expressed in you
4.    Listen to what wants to be expressed in you and find a way to express it creatively.
5.    Pay attention to your Spirit, it want to take you on a journey that will be transformative.
6.    Make a commitment to be full aware and conscious so you can be a light to the world.
7.    Say yes to exploring new ways and new ideas and new points of view, expand you mind and keep it open to more.
8.    Have time to yourself where you find you inner compass and take the hero’s journey.
9.    Listen to the intuitive guidance that knocks at your inner door and you will always be shown the way.

Live well and prosper today.