Bush’s War Is About Ego

I watched part one of Bush’s War on PBS’s Frontline last night.  Tonight will be part two; be sure to tune in if you care about our country’s future.  This series is important to watch because it is about how this war came about beyond the lies the American people were told.  I found myself getting upset at the circumstance leading up to the war in this investigative program.  I have been opposed to the War in Iraq since I first heard it was being talked about because I am opposed to murdering people for the purpose of having power.  As I watched this show I find myself shocked by what seems plainly evident to me.  This war was about ego.  

The show talks extensive of the major players in the lead up to the war.  The President seemed to be doing what he was told to do.  Dick Cheney and his good friend Donald Rumsfeld were like ego-driven roosters strutting about determined to run the show.  Their ego’s were so full of arrogance that they refused to listen to the advise of the experts.  They were sure their mission, of murdering the Iraqis for political reasons, was justified.   This is human ego at it worst and least evolved.   Arrogance and ego have been the cause of all wars and this administration seems no more evolved then those that perpetrated the slaughter called the Crusades.  

Isn’t it time we challenged the sick norm of leadership that is run by ego?  I began this blog to write about the human potential to be curious, conscious, compassionate, understanding, creative and much more.  I write to promote peace and living with a higher purpose.  Today I write to ask you to examine your own need to satisfy your ego.  I ask you to explore your own arrogant ways.  If our leaders are ego-driven and arrogant, than they must reflect our own inflated egos blinded by our arrogance.  I write so that we can all prevent future Bushs, Cheneys, Rumsfelds etc.

Isn’t it time we evolve past the big stick diplomacy, the drive to always be in control, the need to be always right, the endless hunger for more power, and the call of greed that turns people in heartless machines without any moral compass?   Isn’t it time we wake up and be conscious enough to act like thoughtful, wise and compassion human beings?

If we do not rise above this lower nature within us, then there will be more wars until we destroy each other and the planet.  That is not the way we want it to end is it?  

Be sure and watch part two of Frontline tonight and ask yourself, “What can we do to end this mess they have created?” and “What can we do to make sure this cannot happen ever again?”  Please share what insights you might have.  Together we can be more awake and aware and express our higher nature for the good of all humanity.