My Birthday Ramblings About Life

Today is my Birthday and I am one year older and I hope wiser, more conscious, more expansive in thoughts and more expressive of love.   I want to celebrate my day by going for a morning run, having fun, eat some cake and enjoying life and being with my wife and our dog Pax.   If you think of it, please have a positive thought for me and everyone about this year of my/our life being full of love, success, prosperity, health, peace and joy.

I want to share some random thoughts on this day honoring my birth.  As you know, if you stop by often, I tend to invite my readers to question their beliefs, think more expansively, and be compassionate in the world.  Here is a mixture of ideas that I hope will be inspirational:  

1.    Love is the most powerful force on the planet. Let’s use love to heal us, our conflicts, and the planet.  Love everyone you know as fully as you can.  That is why you are here.
2.    I love my country and all my fellow citizens.  I invite you all to get involved in making America better.  Check out organizations that are doing something you believe in and join their efforts or create your own.  I like many organizations, today I recommend The American Freedom Campaign and my own Peace Together.
3.    I am very grateful for all that I have in my life, for all the love, for my family and friends, for my health, for my successes, for each breath and for each moment.
4.    I love to explore my creativity and I invite you to do the same.  My writing has been my biggest creative exploration lately but I feel an urge to return to painting and collage work.  What do you like to do creatively?  I ask because to create is to be fully alive.
5.    I would like to have financial freedom and this year I intend to create it through the determined expression of my highest gifts and potential.  Would you like to join me?  There is no limit to what we can co-create together.  I am setting my sights on world peace and a humanity connected to each other and filled with consciousness and compassion.
6.    I say “it is time for a change” in direction in America and I invite you to consider Barack Obama.  I think he represents the greatest hope for this country.  
7.    If you learn to do two things this year for your own good and that of the planet here are my top two:  1.Learn to listen to all those you care about with an open heart and deep compassion, that includes yourself.  2. Fully accept yourself and live according to your unique purpose.  Your purpose matters to the entire planet
8.    You don’t get older, you get better.  That is a theme for all of us over 50.  I like the idea and plan to get better every day. You can start the Getting Better Program at any age and continue it for life.
9.    I think Eckhart Tolle is an incredible gift to the planet.  Tune into the series he is doing with Oprah and
10.    Make a commitment to yourself to live as fully as you can each day.  This is not a rehearsal, this is the real thing and you have much to express and explore in this lifetime.  Live with passion each day.
11.         Enjoy life every day and if you are not, it is time to set you life on a different course.  You are here to have fun, to love and to be the light that shines from within.
12.    Take long relaxed breaths with awareness and slow down.  There is no need to be in such a hurry.  If you hurry and worry, you miss the joy of life in the moment.
13.    Don’t ever give up until you get to where you want to go.  You cannot fail if you pursue life with commitment, courage and heart.  
14.    Listen deeply inside, you and the Source of all creation are One, are in total unity with each other.  Your relationship with the Source (God, Higher Power, Great Spirit, Love, Divine Mother or whatever you call Source) is between you and the Great Creator and has nothing to do with any church.
15.    Turn off the inner critic, dump it by the side of the road, and become your own best friend.  All self-talk is best when it is supportive and encouraging. Lift yourself up.
16.    Drink lots of water.  Your body and cells are made up of water.  Take good care of this body and it will make the journey of life go much better.  I workout every day and I invite you to at least go for a walk as often as you can.  
17.    If you want to have some fun on the web check out It is a great way to randomly discover wonderful resources on the web.  There is so much interesting information at your fingertips.  The more you know the more fun you can have.
18.    Stop feeling guilty, you innate nature is goodness and love.   There is no such thing as sin.  Your desires are there to take you higher.  You are an amazing human being waiting to be discovered by you.
19.    Quit blaming and complaining because it only attracts more to blame and complain about.  Instead take full responsibility for your life and make in matter, make it stand out, make it unique and full of aliveness.   
20.    Don’t settle for less, you were not created to numb out or be entertained, you were created to make a difference.  What difference will you start making today?

See you tomorrow.